Our Mission

Endless Possibilities for the Disabled provides an inclusive program of adapted sports and recreational services and opportunities throughout the year for persons with physical and visual impairments primarily located in Palm Beach County. Endless Possibilities for the Disabled also assist’s with the purchase of sports related equipment and fees associated with competing in sports, aid’s adaptive athletes and teams in hosting and traveling for competitions, provides training and coaching to disabled athletes, recruits and provides support for new participants.

In particular, Endless Possibilities would like to provide financial support for participants travel expenses for competitions and training, equipment, and other resources necessary for competitive and recreational activities. In order to support our expenses, we will apply for grants and seek donations.

Our goal is to improve the lives and physical and emotional health of persons with physical and visual impairments by providing social experiences through sports and recreation. These activities provide members with opportunities for socialization, team work, a sense of pride, belonging and accomplishment to help improve moral and sense of wellbeing, and physical training to maintain or improve health.