Our Mission
Empowering people with physical and visual impairments by providing adapted sports and recreational opportunities.

Our Vision
To be the premier association for adapted sports opportunities in South Florida.

Endless Possibilities for the Disabled connects individuals with physical and visual impairments with an exciting world of opportunities to engage in a wide variety of adapted sports. All adapted sports programs are free to try and limited equipment is available for use. 

We are a non-profit 501c3 organization whose goal is to improve the lives and physical and emotional health of individuals with a physical or visual impairment by providing social experiences through sports and recreation. We provide information on how you can become actively involved with adapted sports and inclusive recreation. We assist in organizing and sponsoring tournaments as well as the purchase of adaptive sports equipment and other costs associated with participating in adapted sports. We provide these programs and opportunities in partnership with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. Our programs provide members with opportunities for independence, socialization, team work, a sense of pride and belonging that improves moral and sense of well-being and maintains and improves health through physical training. 

Our Board of Directors

Daniella Robbins
Dan Robbins
Jeremy Palmer
Justin Jackson