Endless Possibilites for the Disabled, Inc.


We connect individuals with physical and visual impairments with an exciting world of opportunities to engage in a wide range of adapted sports.

Our sports include, but are not limited to Boccia, Goalball, Handcycling, Sled Hockey, Swimming, Wheelchair Rugby, and Wheelchair Basketball as well as other inclusive recreational activities.

All adapted sports are free to try and limited adaptive sports equipment is available for use.

About Endless Possibilites for the Disabled, Inc.

Endless Possibilities for the Disabled, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that reaches out to Palm Beach County and adjacent county residents who are living with a physical or visual impairment. We provide information on how you can become actively involved with adapted sports and inclusive recreation.  We assist in organizing and sponsoring tournaments as well as the purchase of adaptive sports equipment and other costs associated with participating in adapted sports. We provide these opportunities in partnership with the Palm Beach County Parks and Recreation Department. As a nonprofit we obtain all of our resources entirely from donations, contributions and grants.

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